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Someone asked me to write an article for them. The subject will be “Transportation”, a word used to describe a great deal of topics. I have some experience in transportation, but not in the topic of the article. This means that I must look a little deeper into the political side of Transportation on local, regional and state levels.

So, what do I really know about transportation from the political perspective?  It hasn’t been much of an issue for me. I got a car, I drive on roads. The way I see it, we pay a multitude of taxes to fund transportation infrastructure and operations. Those taxes are the resources the government uses to maintain, operate and improve transportation. Those resources are limited, with too few resources the system begins to fail. When that happens, resource needs increase higher and faster than if the system had adequate resources in the beginning. With too many resources waste will become more prevalent resulting in resource needs greater than if a balance was struck between too much and too little. The trick for policy makers is to be able to hit the sweet spot that allows adequate resources to keep up and grow the transportation infrastructure in the most efficient and effective way. Yea, I know, easier said than done.

I guess that would be in a perfect world. Everybody knows that nothing is perfect. If it was not for imperfections, mistakes, or failures how would we know which direction to travel in reaching perfection. Too improve a system is to identify the imperfections and make them a little less imperfect. Well that is the goal at least.

What questions do I need to answer, what do I need to explore to write an article. (hopefully, a short one)?

Always open for some comments and how others see it. At this point that would mean about two of you. 😉