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Levee damaged by cattle being repaired in south Yuba County | levee, hofman, cattle – Appeal-Democrat.

Story in tomorrows AD. This is a never ending story. A few years ago TRLIA paid to repair damage caused by the cows. I believe they were brought in special to annoy those responsible for maintaining the levee. The sad part is that Miss Hofman is not protected by that levee. The people that are protected by it have to pay to fix it. Mr. Eres, counsel for Hofman Ranch, trys to offer some sort of explanation to justify his clients actions.

Water is a relentless erosive force, from sand to granite, given enough time water will leave its mark . Erosion starts at the smallest level and progresses until larger parts begin to fail. Engineers recognize this impact on a levee system. In order to reduce risks of erosion several strategies are put in place, slope, grassy vegetation and a flat service that sheds the water evenly are ones that I am aware of. The damage caused by the cows will speed up the erosion process by directing water into larger rivulets that have a greater erosive force. Such damage increases the frequency and annual cost of maintaining that section of levee.

If Miss Hofman wants to graze her cows on the levee, then she can pay the costs above what it normally costs to maintain the levees.