About Me

Looks like it is time to refresh this blog, three years ago I started this blog as a means to explore and respond to some local issues. It has sat quiet for some time and grown stall and outdated. So I guess that this “page’ is entitled “About Me’ so, here is a little bit about me. I live in Plumas Lake California with my wife Diane of over 20 years. After moving here I became interested and involved in local governmental issue and have become increasingly active in the community.With this growth I embarked on a path that I would have never imagined myself on.

Recently retired after working for 26 years, I attained the rank of Fire Captain as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter with the Sacramento County Airport System. This along with other jobs I worked throughout my life has afforded me training and experience I can call upon while serving my community. Emergency Responders generally are well suited at recognizing, quickly analyzing and resolving problems.  I am well suited to helping find solutions to problems.

I was elected in November 2010 to the Board of Directors of the Olivehurst Public Utility District.  Previous to this position I sat as a member of the Reclamation District 784 Board of Trustees were I continue to be a volunteer. This past year has been eye opening and many perceptions that I held have changed, some drastically so. What will 2012 bring? We shall see and hopefully it will be better than last year.

Okay, what am I going to write about?, I guess it will be whatever motivates me to place my thoughts for someone else to read.