Political Season Heating Up in Yuba County

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Front Page

Veronica Ramos of Olivehurst, CA
Candidate for Yuba County Board of Supervisors

You know it’s gotten a little dusty in here, seems I can’t find time for posting on a blog in search of a title….  Anyway, there is a bit of a political scandal coming down the road in Yuba County. I have a few thoughts and questions concerning this particular part of the local political season.

I think that the District 3 race between Incumbent Mary Jane Griego and 33-year-old Olivehurst resident, Veronica Ramos is an interesting one to watch. The way I see it, the outcome of that race will be in the incumbents favor, nothing to worry about there, not today or before last week. However, I am quite interested in the challenger, Veronica Ramos. A local woman who appeared on the Yuba County political scene. She appears  to be new and relatively inexperienced with the political climate in Yuba County.

Question for me is this, who is Veronica Ramos? Who are her supporters, her mentors, her financial contributors and who encouraged her to try to climb an almost impossible mountain in District 3. Some of those answers may lie with current Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez and  Lou Binninger who have both officially endorsed Miss Ramos who was also endorsed by the Yuba County Republican Party as recently posted on their Facebook page.

Anyway, yesterday, the Appeal Democrat broke the story about Veronica Ramos being convicted of welfare fraud. Yup, there it is, like a bandage coming off a cut. Shocking is it not?. Now that one statement on the face of it seems to sound quite serious. Well, in the grand scheme of things, probably not so much. I believe that most Californians, with a disproportionate number of them in Yuba County who have experienced California’s Welfare system may hold some sympathy for her story.

You know the story, the one about the young divorce’ mother. Struggling to raise her children and make ends meet. Who is unable to comprehend the complicated bureaucratic process to get access to taxpayer-funded entitlements. That confusion may have led to Miss. Ramos being arrested and charged with four counts of perjury and one count of fraud to obtain aid. A total of 5 low end felony counts. They may not be big felonies, but felonies none the less. Anyway, after her case had moved through the criminal justice system. The DA’s office allowed her to plea the felony charges down to a misdemeanor count of fraud to get aid. Now it would probably be beneficial, in a public relations sort of way for, the Ramos Campaign to characterize the plea deal as a last-ditch attempt by the DA to get a conviction on shaky evidence. I’m not buying it, I am more inclined to believe that American justice is merciful and partially blind. Although today some would just say that  justice is cheap and operating on a limited budget. In any case, just hear me out, if this was the first time she ever got into trouble. Then a one year suspended jail sentence with probation, restitution and community service would be par for the judicial course for these types of minor or petty criminal charges. Even the District Attorney Pat McGrath said it was normal.

As I began to paint the picture for myself, my first reaction was a little too judgmental. On the face of the specifically reported information and without any other relevant information, I would consider the public’s perception and level of concern with this issue to be of minimal value in making a voting decision. However, possibly other relevant information may alter the public’s perception and corresponding  level of concern with Miss Ramos’s ability to fulfill the office of Yuba County Supervisor. We will have to to wait and see if the story unfolds further.

You know the saying about where there’s smoke….. , which probably would not matter much at this stage of the game due to the most likely outcome of this election anyway. I guess you could say that it would be moot, from an electability standpoint though not from a public interest one.

Really, I need to step back and get some rest. I’d like to explore some of the other aspects of Miss Ramos’s campaign. There are few more questions out there and hopefully we can get some answers.

Miss. Ramos at the time of this writing has the endorsement of the Yuba County Republican Party. Given the recent events, that may change. I do wonder what they did to vet their candidate and make sure that they were backing someone viable. Perhaps, with limited resources the small local committees are unable to be as effective in their vetting processes.  I have heard that  her major supporters were well aware of the criminal conviction and that Miss Ramos was still on probation for it.

What I really want to know is if Veronica Ramos is in charge of her campaign and making her own decisions or, is she being led down a primrose path by some other person or entity?

Interesting information and questions to ponder don’t you think?

Looking forward to your comments, at least from the one guy who reads my crap.

Until the urge to blog rises again, that’s the way I see it.

Good Night and Good Luck!


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